God at Work

The Love Letter

When I titled this blog post The Love Letter, depending on which generation you were born in or are currently living in, a love letter may mean different things. In the World War eras, Vietnam or Korea, many wrote letters home to their loved ones since social media did not yet exist. I look at… Continue reading The Love Letter

God at Work, Personal Growth

Surrender the Pain

  The deeper a person’s pain is lodged inside of them, the tighter they will hold on to their limiting beliefs or coping mechanisms. Once they identify and release their pain, the less they have need of a coping mechanism. The past couple of weeks I have been working on a challenge. It was a… Continue reading Surrender the Pain

God at Work, Personal Growth

What Are You Thinking?

Who would have thought that the way we think about our lives, our past, our future, relationships, or even our finances could keep us stuck or propel us forward into a better life. I’ve been reading in Romans 12 off and on and meditating on it for the last two years it seems like. God… Continue reading What Are You Thinking?

God at Work, Personal Growth

Into Me You See

“Out of intimacy comes the strength to weather any storm. Out of intimacy a foundation of love is created that is so deeply ingrained in us that it is impossible for anyone to denigrate our worth. Out of intimacy, belief in the power and presence of God is rooted and fully grounded. Out of intimacy… Continue reading Into Me You See