About the Author

My name is Linda Wilson. I started writing in grade school and in my teenage years I journaled to deal with life experiences. It helped me to process and acknowledge my thoughts and feelings toward life. I found that filling the blank pages provided opportunities to understand how I saw myself and the people around me.

I believe the written word has the power to challenge our way of thinking. The writings, whether shared as a fiction story or a memoir, can inspire change. Writing allows the reader a glimpse into the difficulty or inspiration of someone else’s struggle. As they gauge their own reactions versus those of the person they are reading about, it gives them insight in similar circumstances. Where there is insight, there is a possibility of understanding and compassion.

Writing can be a very intimate process because it opens the heart of the writer to give the reader a glimpse into his/her thoughts. As I grow in putting the words together and expressing my thoughts, I hope the impact on you as the reader would be positive, thoughtful, and hopeful. My desire is to help people and share the tools and insight I have gained along the way.

The greatest change in my life came when I accepted Christ and learned how to surrender the hurt and pain of the past to the only One who could heal me. I am thankful for the knowledge of His presence at work in me and through me.