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Why Confusion?

http://Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

I have pondered the word confusion a lot lately. This word suggests many images that take shape in my thoughts. The thinker with the hand to the forehead to someone standing in the middle of a room as people are coming and going around her are just a couple. The most prominent image that takes shape for me is a woman not only standing in the middle of a room, but she continually listens to others as they pass by and share their opinion of what is right for her.

Like me, she has many questions that need answers. Unlike her though, I cannot afford to listen to all the other voices speaking around me. I must listen to the One voice and the voices of those close to me that are also staying close to God. It is in the safety of God’s wisdom through his Spirit in agreement with his word, that confusion clears away and leaves room for clarity.

In a multitude of voices speaking everything except God’s word, there is disorder, uncertainty, indecision, or hesitation and the result of those things in our life breed more of the same. Right now, it is easy to get caught up in the emotions that come from not filtering what is being heard nor mirroring it against God’s word.

The only way to counteract all the underlying fear that manifests in uncertainty, indecision, or hesitancy, is to be immersed in the word of God. Then allow the life of God to come from the heart and proclaim it over our own lives and surround ourselves with others who will do the same.

As Christians, we think nothing of having someone speak encouragement and words of strength over us in our walk with God. Why is it that we are willing to speak a word to someone else, but we aren’t willing to speak God’s truth over our own life? There is something seriously wrong with that picture.

As we speak God’s truth over our own life or the life of another person, we are creating a new picture or uprooting an old picture that does not align with God’s word. There is something so rewarding about pouring life into another believer’s heart. There should be nothing more encouraging than also speaking God’s word over our own life.

Confusion manifests as hesitancy, indecision, uncertainty, and disorder. What does the word of God manifest in our life? When we finally begin to believe the words written in the book are for us individually as well as for the church corporately, that is when we start to rise above our circumstances and daily problems. It is not that we never have difficulties, but we recognize the truth that God is with us in the problem. As we speak the truth to one another our hearts begin to take hold of it and settle our emotions, it also brings our thoughts into line with the truth as we meditate on it. It gives us the boldness to take him at his word and proclaim his faithfulness and goodness toward us. When we find ourselves listening to so many voices and settle into confusion and uncertainty, we must take some time to step back and do a self-check. How long has it been since we have spent time in the word or listened for God’s voice? Maybe it is time to reevaluate where our focus has been.

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