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Here We Go 2020!

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Here we go! We are beginning a brand-new year and have just said goodbye to the old one. The end of the year was a little different for me. Have you ever felt like you were in a fog for a span of time? The last couple of weeks, through Christmas and into the end of this year, I felt like I was in a fog.

An experience I had a few weeks before Christmas sent me reeling. It wasn’t because of something someone else did, it was because of unresolved emotions that completely blindsided me. When unresolved emotions sit below the surface in our minds, just like the fog, they can hinder our ability to see anything more than the pain in front of us.

Fog appears sometimes when we least expect it and it catches us unaware. Fog’s appearance, whether it is thick or light and wispy, causes a partial obstruction in visibility. It happens the same way when we have unresolved emotions. We can navigate our life just fine when suddenly something triggers an unexpected emotional response. We continue along and then find ourselves with the following thought patterns showing up:

What if?
If only….
Why did that happen?
Don’t they understand?

These questions, forming as thoughts, start us down a road that erects a smoke screen between us and the emotions we try not to let out. The best-case scenario in this situation is that we allow ourselves to look at the emotions, recognize why they are still there and deal with them as we forgive ourselves, forgive others, and let go of the emotional time-bomb we’ve carried.

The worst-case scenario is we ignore the beliefs that have attached to the old emotional hurts and pain. We stuff it all back down or use other destructive methods of coping. We may even manage to control it for a while, but it is to our detriment. We might as well put a sign on our foreheads that says, “To Be Continued.”

At this point in my life I’m determined to stop stuffing emotions and instead, allow myself to heal. When we take hold of our thoughts and understand what is happening and why, the fog begins to clear out and the light once again shines. 2020 will be a good year!


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