Finding My Way, God at Work


There are times in my walk with God where I feel a tugging in a certain direction, that slight tug asks me to look deeper than to skim the surface. Since the end of October, I have had that tug to look at TRUST.  As I began to write this morning the following came to me:

  • T   Turn away from all that causes you to question God’s intent toward you
  • R   Renew your mind with the promises of God
  • U   Unconditional Surrender
  • S    Surrender all to Him (cares, failures, successes, needs)
  • T   Truth as we renew our mind to it, becomes our reality

I would love to tell you that trust comes easily and quickly and for some that may be the case. For others, trust builds over time, through relationship.

Our relationship with God is no different than other friendships. We come to understand the cross and how much Jesus sacrificed for us. We grow in the knowledge of what Christ became for us on that same cross. Over time we begin to see ourselves through the eyes of God as the Holy Spirit brings revelation and opens them to see clearly.

We follow those slight tugs in a direction, and at first it seems uncertain. As we respond to the small nudges the adventure begins. We find many nuggets of truth which open the way for us to take a stand in areas of our life and experience for ourselves God’s goodness and His mercy toward us.

Sometimes it’s a little scary to take that stand, to speak out what God’s Word declares, especially when the circumstances in front of us don’t want to move. As we grow in our relationship with God our trust muscle develops, and we receive encouragement along the way that comes in the form of other scriptures in the Bible. The Word feeds our spirit and strengthens us in battle and in rest. The still-small voice inwardly champions us on as one step at a time our trust puts down roots in our hearts and we learn to apply His Word to our lives.

Trust comes with time for most of us. I’m ok with that because I would rather KNOW THROUGH EXPERIENCE, not acquaintance, that the One who upholds, protects, leads and guides me is faithful.

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